Examples of 2C projects

CSF SinuShunt: Drain for regulating the fluid pressure in the brain

Development of micro-flow components for drainage of fluid from the brain. The components must meet applicable requirements for implants in terms of both components, materials, shape and sterility.

Siemens Wind Power: Bracing Component

Test facility design of steel components (several meters in diameter) for testing facilities. 2C was in charge of FEM calculations and concept optimization. 2C produced detailed drawings and following up on manufacturing and assembly.

Foss Electric: Designing the User Interface (MMI)

Based on a thorough analysis of the use situation and the users, 2C developed a groundbreaking user interface, which greatly differs from traditional MS Windows interfaces. This resulted in a user friendly and hands-on operation. The concept was tested in detail during the development process by simulation and user testing in the usability lab. The interface includes touch-screen and keyboard/mouse.

GKN Wheels: Quality control of steel rims up to 52"

Concept of a non-contact and fully automatic machine for QC of steel rims. The system can calculate straightness, eccentricity, etc. with a precision of a few hundred divided millimeters accuracy. The system contains 6 axes of motion with laser rangefinders, one of which has been specially developed by 2C for the application. 2C has been responsible for concept, design, manufacture, testing and commissioning. The system is based on LabView control and data processing that 2C has developed.

CleanTech Motors: Rebuilding of a Jaguar XF for electric power

Development and implementation of LabVIEW software and associated interface components for the achievement of full instrumentation function after exchange from diesel to electric power. Coding up against the car BUS systems without affecting the car's security system or battery function. The project was an early attempt to develop an electric car that was focused on the luxury car market in Denmark.

GN Netcom: Bluetooth Headset

Design of an optical element distribution of blue light in the headset. The product is designed for Motorola and has become one of the most popular headsets in the history. 2C did calculations, concept development and prototyping for presentation and evaluation.

Bridge4People: Dealing machine for use in bridge tournaments

Concept definition, design and implementation of test apparatus for automatically handling and unloading of playing cards. Important parameters for the structure is compactness, noise reduction, reliability and cost. The design includes a large number of castings produced by collaborators in China, and some electronics components. 2C was in charge of project management and coordination up against other project contractors.

Foss Electric: Apparatus for measuring ingredients in food

Development and design of a new system series that shall be used within slaughterhouses and laboratories. Elaboration of specifications specifically for use in harsh environment with special requirements for robustness, ease of cleaning and sealing. Design for Manufacturing and platform analysis. Implementation of new design with a focus on cost structure throughout the product line.

CytoTrack: Apparatus for detecting cancer cells in blood

Concept development and construction of innovative technology platform for the detection of cancer cells in blood (circulating tumor cells, CTC). The platform integrates precision mechanics, fluorescent optics, laser technology, servo control and advanced data processing using LabVIEW. The technology is built at 2C, and 2C has conducted extensive testing and validation in the lab.

Savcor: Custom Built Punching System

4 holes are punched out within 0.05 mm from a vision detected aiming point. The specified rate of 0.7 sec. for feeding, measuring, precision placement, punching and control has required the development of an unconventional move pattern, so the system also meets the requirement of stability in current production. The end product was the cover plates for a cell phone. The project was implemented quickly. The production on the machine began only 11 weeks after design project was initiated.

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Junckers Industrier: Detection of cracks in parquet floors

Specially designed system for automatic detection of cracks in wooden sticks. An existing technology was not sufficiently sensitive, so this was modified and expanded by 2C technology so that it met the specified requirements. The light source was changed to UV, and data processing were developed in LabVIEW.





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Andresen Towers and EUDP: MAU

The purpose of this EUDP-funded project is to develop and demonstrate a Mobile Assembly Unit [MAU], that shall be used to assemble a new innovative concept of wind turbine tower. The tower consists of a large number of sheet metal elements stacked on top of each other. Each element is build of a number of metal parts that is bolted together on location. The MAU is used to perform this assembly process.

Medichanical Engineering: X-pander

Udvikling af nyt måleteknisk device til brug for kirurgi (hofteoperationer). Optimering af konstruktion i rustfrit stål og plast til medicinsk brug. Fokus var på at optimere: brugervenligheden, herunder rengøringsvenligheden, robusthed, materialevalg og produktion.


SwimCount: Device til measuring human sperm quality

This is a brand new product type. The user can use this devise to test the quality of his sperm, when he is alone at home. The devise measures the motility and speed of the sperm cells. The product is in the same category as a device for pregnancy test. 2C has helped SwinCount with the development from the early start to full production.