Vibration of a boxer engine

As a gimmick, 2C set up a system that could measure the vibration of the engine of a Porsche 356 Speedster from 1957. This was used as an object for demonstration of various advanced methods for detecting vibrations of the engine. The measurement data were transferred online via a PDA, and outcomes data were processed with LabVIEW program.

Events: Creativity and Efficiency

Measurement of the speed of a champagne cork

As a gimmick, ​​2C set up a simple system that could measure the speed of a champagne cork when it leaves the bottle. To open the bottle, 2C had hired a certain gentleman in a tuxedo. He was arriving in an Aston Martin DB5 from 1964. 2C measured the velocity to 15 m/s. Shaken, not stirred!

Shooting LEGO men

As a gimmick, 2C made ​​a small setup that could shoot down the LEGO men when they were moving at high speed. The system used a laser distance sensor, pneumatic cylinders and control system of LabVIEW . Do not worry, the LEGO men were wearing safety helmets!

2C Clickalyzer

2C presented a LabVIEW application for measuring the click-frequency within a medical device. Using a sound recording microphone and a signal processing system, the system can analyze the frequency and it can be presented in the desired format (plots).

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Controlling an electrical Jaguar

LabVIEW was used as an analytical software and user-interface for the control of the car's system. The car could be controlled by an external source. From the application it was possible to operate all the vehicle's comfort features.