Services and competencies

Idea and concept development

We help to find the good ideas and innovative solutions. In all stages of the development work, creative ideas are needed - from concept to detailed design solutions. 2C implements both creative brainstorming and systematic methods. When solutions are evaluated, we use systematic and weighted, objective criterions.

Precision mechanical engineering

2C has many years experience in plastic design - including medical technology industry. 2C has a deep knowledge of plastic materials and plastic molding. We routinely use rapid prototyping, SLA and casting into aluminum molds and hard molds. We design in Pro/E and SolidWorks. When there is a need for it we use FEM calculations such as Mechanica, and simulations of casting processes by MouldFlow. We have a broad experience in producing quality assured molds in China.

Measurement technology

2C are experts in developing custom-built optical measuring systems for quality control or testing. We design and build the solutions that are not found as standard solutions on the market today. 2C has expertise in laser technology, vision systems and other types of detectors. We have extensive experience in integrating technologies, including mechanics and robotics. We build optimal solutions that often is based in several types of technologies.

Device and instruments engineering

2C has a broad experience in the development of apparatus and instruments that shall be produced in either large or small production scale. We have developed biomedical devices, where there are high demands on precision and robustness, and apparatus for the entertainment industry, where there are requirements for fully automated assembly and low cost. We have competences in both mechanics, motion systems, optics, micro fluidics, servos, control of temperature and humidity cabinet design and EMC shielding.

Production optimization and Quality Control

2C has completed numerous projects in production and QC in both the heavy processing industry and medical industry. Methods such as GxP and GAMP is a natural part of the implementation and validation projects. 2C has been performing several cases of larger production projects. We assist the client with repatriation, commissioning and validation of custom-built fully automated production machines. 2C is very focused to meet budgets and schedules.

Test systems and test execution

2C has experience in developing special test systems. We design and build test-rigs that is used by our client for research, development or quality assurance. 2C can also be helpful in implementing the subsequent tests in our laboratory, including preparation of test protocols and reports.

User Interaction Design, MMI

User oriented design. 2C has expertise in developing cutting edge, innovative user interfaces. We work with both mechanical and screen-based interfaces. We are often involved in the early stages, when the user work flow is defined and optimized. We find in the innovative interface concepts that we test and refine through usability tests and user workshops.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

It requires a solid knowledge of manufacturing technologies and processes to develop products that are suitable for mass production. Many of 2C's engineers have extensive experience with production optimization and can together with the customer's production help to create robust solutions. 2C routinely uses tools such as Design for Assembly (DFA), FMEA, FMECA, Robustification, tolerance chains, etc.

LabVIEW solutions

2C are experts in developing LabVIEW solutions, from National Instruments. We have successfully implemented LabVIEW for control, data processing and documentation in a variety of small and large projects. LabVIEW allows you to tailor a solution to match each task. The system is designed to provide maximum user comfort for maximum flexibility and measurement and control capabilities.

Engineering design of large scale components

Materials knowledge, design and dimension tools like FEM and Mechanica has formed the basis for implementation of design projects within the heavy metal industry, where weight and handling may play a decisive role in whether you select the right concept.

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Micro flow systems

2C has a wide range of projects acquired a solid experience in the development of microfluidic systems. Handling of small amounts of medicine, development of complete flow systems for the food sample handling, micro-dosing system for the toy industry, the spreading of biological samples in hydrophilic surfaces are examples of the diversity of general problems where the solutions have been found through the fluid and flow-related disciplines.

Project Management

2C has solved a wide range of project management tasks. 2C can be hired as project managers for internal client projects. We use state-of-the-art management tools for planning, budgeting, reporting, quality control, visualization, structuring, team building, etc. We take great pride in keeping deadlines and budgets.