2C solves technical development tasks for a number of Denmark's most innovative industrial companies.


2C wants to deliver engineering work of the highest quality, based on multidisciplinary engineering competencies and a solid experience base. 2C creates results with a focus on creativity and efficiency, which benefits our customers.



2C lives in the historic part of Lyngby in the old curtain factory. The area houses a number of companies dealing with technology, architecture and IT.


We have an office in attractive premises in the main building, and in the building next to Mølleåen we have a large laboratory/workshop (innovation lab) for use in experiments, processing, assembly and testing.



2C was established in 1999 by Christian Caspersen, Tom Hede Markussen and Lars Ulrik Nielsen. Over the past 20 years, we have solved more than 300 product development projects.


2C is a co-owner of two MedTech companies: CytoTrack ApS and CSF-Dynamics A / S.



2C's day-to-day management consists of Lars Ulrik Nielsen, M.Sc., who is the company's CEO (right), and Tom Hede Markussen, M.Sc. and PhD, who is Innovation Director.


The Board of Directors consists of lawyer Lars Marcus Pedersen, who is the company's chairman, Christian Caspersen and Tom Hede Markussen.

2C A/S

Gl. Lundtoftevej 1D

DK – 2800 Lyngby


E-mail: info@2c.dk

Telefon: (+45) 70 27 42 00

CVR nummer: 21443840 

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