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Extra support with general R&D? Short-term contract for something specific? Or a complete engineering solution from scratch?

2C can offer the full spectrum of product development services - scaling up or down to suit your needs. We either work side-by-side with your team or as an external task-force located in our Lyngby offices.


2C is an engineering consultancy specialized in development of high-tech products and MedTech devices. Our client base comprises some of the most innovative and successful companies in Denmark, like Novo Nordisk, Ambu, Coloplast, FOSS, Radiometer.

We have the expertise to bring new products to market swiftly.  Our competent and experienced engineers work hard towards timely and successful market launches.  

THE ART engineering

At 2C we strive to design the most competitive solutions. Our clients are market leaders, and we support them in creating products which can change lives as well as creating sustainable businesses.

Project: FlexTouch®. Pre-filled device for injection of insulin and Ozempic®. 

Customer: Novo Nordisk A/S

Since 1999 we have been involved in over 500 R&D projects for some of Denmark’s most innovative companies. Our clients include both household names and start-ups.



2C has many years experience in development of new medical devices for both large-scale production and smaller series production. Design of injection moulded parts is one of our core competences, including Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) and Design-for-Assembly (DfA) considerations.


2C assists clients with many of the different phases of product development. We have specialists in test and verification that can bring new devices through the procedure of regulatory testing; from planning, design of test rigs, measuring, calibrations, data analysis, and reporting. 

Project: SwimCount®. Single use device for sperm quality test. Recently FDA approved.

Customer: MotilityCount ApS


2C works closely together with customers to create new innovative products and technical solutions that benefit people and society. We are proud to have been deeply involved in many of our clients' greatest commercial successes.


We have the capacity to offer a full range of skills including mechanics, optics, usability, measurement technology, flow, pumps and thermodynamics controls etc. Our aim is to find the best solution within the client’s budget.

BOTH Large and small projects

2C works on small and large scale projects – both projects that can be solved in a matter of days or weeks and long-term development processes. We can be tasked with the entire project, or specific responsibilities.


Feel free to contact us and find out how we can help. We will offer you our concrete suggestions and recommendations for your project, including a plan and a preliminary budget. Our initial meeting is free of charge and without obligation.

Project: BridgeSpinner™. Innovative device for card dealing. 

Customer: Bridge4People ApS

We offer a wide range of skills including all the basic disciplines within the development of devices, instruments, and automation, backed up by a strong network of partners who supplement our team with expert knowledge within specific technology fields.


If needed we draw on our network of external experts. This could be the Technical University of Denmark, Risø National Laboratories, the University of Copenhagen, the Danish Technological Institute or any one of our specialist subcontractors.


2C ensures that the task is solved in the most efficient and cost-effective way and provides the service as a one-stop-shop.

Project: New electric charging station for EVs. The car shown here is a 30 year old Danish electrical car called KEWET. Imagine if Denmark had continued to be the front-runner of development of EVs!  

Customer: Nerve Smart Systems A/S.

Your requirements are our task list

We will work to your brief and will use it as the basis of the project scope. Our client briefs range from one-liners to detailed specifications of the input required.

NO NONSENSE creativity

We pride ourselves on being the most creative and the most efficient engineers in the field of R&D. This applies to all levels of product development from the overall conceptual design, to the detailed design and dimensioning of the components and processes.


Project: New electric charging station for EVs. The car shown here is a 30 year old Danish electrical car called KEWET. Imagine if Denmark had continued to be the front-runner of development of EVs!  

Customer: Nerve Smart Systems A/S.

Engineering workmanship!
Our toolbox is comprehensive and up to date. We use both the good-old-development-methods and the new state-of-the-art design methodologies to create strong solutions.

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Please contact Jesper Egly with any new enquiries by sending him a message or giving him a call +45 22 21 22 36.

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