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Project: High Power Charger (HPC) station for electrical cars. 

Customer: Nerve Smart Systems ApS




2C is an engineering consultancy focused on high-tech product development. Our client base comprises many of the most innovative companies in Denmark, start ups as well as large international companies.


2C works with numerous disciplines and has many years of industry experience. We combine CREATIVITY and EFFICIENCY to deliver state of the art engineering.


2C is located in the old historical part of Kongens Lyngby in the "Lyngby Gardin og Textil Fabrik" (curtain and fabric factory), a building dating back to 1880 and one of the first industrial buildings in Denmark.

The 2C office is in the main building and in the Mølleå-building next door we have a large lab/workshop (the Innovation Lab) that we use for experiments, prototyping, tooling, assembly and testing.


2C was established in 1999 by Christian Caspersen, Tom Hede Markussen and Lars Ulrik Nielsen. Over the last 20+ years, we have completed more than 500 product development projects for clients.

2C is a partial owner of two start-up companies: CSF-Dynamics A/S and Graspian A/S. CSF-Dynamics is bringing a revolutionary hydrocephalus shunt to market (a class III medical device) and Graspian is developing tactile sensors for robotic use (expanding future robotic applications).


Jesper Egly is your first point of contact for 2C consultants. Jesper matches your specific requirements with the corresponding 2C engineering skills, ensuring your project can be resourced as soon as possible. Jesper is also responsible for co-ordinating client projects which are managed from the 2C office and lab, liaising between stakeholders and the in-house engineering team.


Jesper has 20+ years of experience in mechanical engineering and automated production systems, previously working as a consultant for a wide range of industrial clients in Denmark developing new technologies, products and production systems. Jesper is also on the 2C management team with Lars Ulrik and Tom.  



Lars Ulrik Nielsen, CEO (right) and Tom Hede Markussen, CIO run the company on a day to day basis. Both have backgrounds in mechanical engineering and are innovators with 25+ years experience in all phases of the development of high-tech medical devices.


Lars Ulrik has taken the lead on technology development projects across a broad range of subjects since the beginning of his career, from mechanics and electro-mechanics to information technology. Lars Ulrik is also co-author of three patents, two of them covering the development of medical devices for Novo Nordisk A/S. He is a recipient of the DIRA (Danish Industrial Robotic Award).


Tom has a long and impressive track record leading over 100 large development and commercialisation products, including bringing new MedTech products to market. He is credited as the inventor of more than 15 products and features including life-changing devices, such as the Novo Nordisk FlexTouch® disposable insulin injection pen (an estimated 700 million sold).  


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