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2C Innovation Lab

One of most important “development tools” is our Innovation Lab. Here, we have space to unfold our ideas, build prototypes and experiment with alternative solutions. In many projects, we often perform systematic tests to ensure the right quality level and durability.

The lab is located in the Mølleå building close to our office. It measures 250 sqm with 6 meters height to the ceiling. In the old days, the hall was used to die fabrics/curtains hence the height.


We have different small machinery to our disposal: Lathes, cutting machines, bending machine, different hand tools, measuring equipment, LAF bench, etcetera.  


If needed, we can provide space for clients that want to perform their own tests and experiments in our lab. We can also perform small scale production of products/devices if requested.


The lab is also used for different events, like creative brainstorms, lectures, social get-togethers.

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