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From 2C's visit to CopenHill buildinh site in Amager. Photo by Anders S. Poulsen.

We want to expand our team

Come and join the 2C team of innovators

We are expanding our fantastic team of engineers for the new projects in our pipeline! Please get in touch if you want to part of 2C, developing new MedTech products, precision mechanics, devices, instruments, injection moulding components, automation, and assembly concepts and machines. Call and speak to Lars Ulrik on +45 2221 2237 or send us an email:

Why you should work for us:


As a 2C consultant you will be offered diverse exciting assignments and the opportunity to work within a wide range of industries in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The majority of our briefs involve challenge, providing a solution to an urgent need or being required to design the missing link in the chain. Our roles will allow you to flex your intellect, apply your skills and move our clients’ projects forwards.  


Project: Jaguar XFE. Reconfiguration of combustion car to fully electrical luxury EV prototype, before Tesla. ​Client: Cleantech Motors ApS


Project: SinuShunt™. Innovative implantable shunt system for treatment of hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). Now tested with succes in first-in-human clinical trial. Client: CSF-Dynamics A/S


2C is a unique team! And so is our clients! Our engineers work in different locations but meet up every two weeks to share expertise, ideas, latest news and to brainstorm solutions. Many of our engineers have decades of experience in multiple industries and can mentor the newer team members.


Our workplace culture is flat, collaborative and supportive and we thrive on working together.


The company’s foundations are rooted in Integrated Product Development (IPD) and award-winning engineering design. We continue to thrive on these themes and have the common purpose of creating products which make a difference to the world.


Overcoming engineering challenges and designing inspirational and innovative products is at the heart of what we do. If influencing design and creating meaningful solutions appeals to you, please get in touch.

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